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Dotti’s Red Barn

We’re back on the East Coast in upstate New York to see Dotti McPherson’s next watercolor. “Red Barn” is the companion piece to “White Barn” which I posted on November 6th. I can just imagine all the hay stacked in … Continue reading

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Dotti’s Portrait of Rixana

My sister, Rixana, just celebrated her birthday this week which brought to mind this portrait of her that our Mom painted. Rix was out on the San Francisco Bay, one of her favorite places and she was wearing turquoise, one … Continue reading

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Dotti’s White Barn

Time for a trip to the East Coast to see Dotti McPherson’s next watercolor. Mom traveled to Geneva, New York at least once a year to see my Sister and her family. She was determined to be a part of … Continue reading

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