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Dotti’s Raccoon Straits

Mom painted this view of Raccoon Straits and Angel Island from the deck of a tiny house perched over the water on the Tiburon Peninsula. It was built by our dear friends who lived next door to us in Berkeley. … Continue reading

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Dotti’s Cheerful Bouquet

For a change of pace, here is one of Dotti McPherson’s rare acrylic paintings. When Mom would go to Geneva NY to visit  my sister Rixana, Rix would pick a huge bouquet of flowers from her garden for Mom’s room. … Continue reading

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I’m challenging myself to create one pen & ink sketch every day for the month of October. “INKTOBER” is an annual challenge on the web that has thousands of participants.  It is meant to train hand-eye coordination, improve sketching speed … Continue reading

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Dotti’s Olive Tree

I love love love this painting! The country roads around here are often lined with olive trees. Most of them are old and gnarled into strange shapes. They often appear to have ancient wizened faces peering out of their trunks. … Continue reading

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