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We spent our first sunny morning in Milano at a neighborhood Farmer’s Market. The fresh fruits and veggies were arrayed like jewels in the booths.  The lettuces, including a pale pale green Castelfranco flecked with red and the deep burgundy … Continue reading

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Pisapia Rally

This week, Italy is voting for a new government and the Church in Rome is selecting a new Pope – a historic time to be here!  You could argue that the painting I’m posting has a connection to both events.  … Continue reading

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Castello Sforzesco

We’re spending the next two months in Italy which means I will have subjects to paint everywhere I turn.  The challenge will be in the choosing!  This is a sketch of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan. It was really difficult … Continue reading

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Art Critic

I didn’t have time to paint this week, so I thought I’d post this photo of the family Art Critic! She’s a Manx, so she comes by that short tail naturally. She always “helps” me photograph my paintings.

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Pear Pair

Here is another watercolor done in the style of Carole Marine.  This time I attempted to paint a still life using a minimum number of brush strokes.

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Stacked Cups

I discovered Daily Paintworks through Carole Marine’s Blog. I love her sense of color and design. It was fun to try turning one of her oil paintings into a watercolor!

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Produce Owl

Produce Owl was produced with my “opposite” (in my case, right) hand. That was the challenge of the week at Daily Paint Works.  I thought an owl with a cantaloupe head and a watermelon body was just the sort of … Continue reading

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